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1st September 2019
Thursday September 19th 
You may have heard the whispering that we had a film crew in school today! Without giving too much away, this was our ICT provider Hi-impact filming an in house "Rock Ferry Crew" music video that will help us launch our new core framework 'Be Kind, Be Safe, Work Hard, Never Give Up'. The children and staff were amazing, we had great fun and we will be inviting you in to a viewing and to hear about our updated behaviour policy once the video has been put together.

Any children who had not signed a photographic consent form on joining the school were not included in the filming.
Wednesday September 18th
Please don't forget when you are shopping in ALDI, we are collecting Team GB stickers!

Please bring them into reception and place them into the basket on the front desk or ask children to pass them to Mr Leech.
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