April 2017

1st April 2017

When the children returned to school in April phases 2 and 3 of our refurbishment programme was completed.  The school has been very fortunate in securing funding from the LA Capital Funds budget to allow these works to take place.


A new entrance and reception area has been created to allow for a bright welcoming entrance to the school, along with enhanced security measures to keep the children safe.


The children have enjoyed working with the Fun Food Chef again this year, they get a full hands on experience of cooking some exciting food from scratch and tasting the food.  It's great seeing so many mini master chefs in school when the Fun Food Chef is in with us.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused on Friday 28th April when we had to close school early, this decision was taken following advice from the LA and utilities companies.  We never take the decision to close school lightly, but the health and safety of the children and staff must always come first.  I thank you all for your patience and understanding.


The Headteacher’s office has been re-located to the first floor along with a designated office for our Family Support Worker.


The Foundation 1 children will be moving to their new nursery as soon as the admin team and Ms Radley have been moved to their new offices.


We will then be looking at commencing with phase 4 of the project, which we see the creation of a library / resource learning area and a technology room to allow the children to do cookery / DT / art projects – exciting times of change here at Rock Ferry Primary School.